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Dr Bernie Wong

Dr Bernie Wong is a creative digital and social media marketing professional. He has worked with such Fortune 500 brands as Marks & Spencer, GAP, Adidas, and Disney, serving as the Founder of Social Stand Limited and helping clients tell their stories, engage with their audiences and unleash the power of their brands.

He is an in-demand speaker who brings professional experience and an aptitude for leading seminars and workshops to the table. He is also a radio programme presenter, newspaper columnist and lecturer in academic institutes. He earned his Doctor of Business Administration in Marketing at the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong and Master of Science in New Media at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Key Training Focus:
  • Digital and Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Brand Storytelling
  • Marketing Technology
  • Digital Productivity
  • Online Personal Branding
  • Digital PR
  • Senior Management Thought Leadership
  • 15+ years of experience in digital and social media marketing, online advertising
  • Proven track record of success in helping clients reach wider audiences in the digital era
  • Trusted by global F500 brands, including Starbucks, Adidas, L’Oreal, Lee, Disney, and Canon
  • Proven track record of success in helping clients reach wider audiences in the digital era
  • Media exposure as a Mingpao columnist and RTHK Radio presenter, as well as interviews by Economic Times, Capital CEO, and RTHK 31
  • Award winner of Marketing Hero by HKAIM, ICT Award, W3 Award, Mob-ex Award, and MARKie Award
  • Strong industry experience and solid academic background with a Doctor of Business Administration in Marketing from the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong
  • Dynamic and interactive training style with a high satisfaction rate from clients and audiences.
  • Over 500+ training sessions conducted with experience as a speaker and lecturer at high-profile educational institutions, with fluency in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin
  • Previous experience at Yahoo! US and a global advertising group under WPP group
  • Strong focus on empowering clients to overcome barriers and reach their full potential from telling their brand stories, engage with their audiences, and unleash the power of their brands

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Corporate Training

Training Methodology

  1. Digital and Social Media Marketing: Learn how to effectively leverage digital platforms to reach target audiences and build brand awareness. Explore the latest social media trends and tools to create engaging content and foster a strong online community. Understand the insider dos and dons for different social media platforms growth.
  2. Content Marketing: Discover how to craft compelling content that resonates with your target audience and drives traffic to your website. Learn how to develop an effective content marketing strategy that aligns with your brand’s objectives and goals. Unveil the digital content creation dos and dons.
  3. Brand Storytelling: Uncover the power and factors of storytelling in building a strong brand identity and connecting with customers. Learn how to use storytelling techniques to create a compelling brand narrative that resonates with your target audience.
  4. Marketing Technology: Stay up-to-date with the latest marketing technology and tools. Explore the latest trends and advancements in marketing automation and artificial intelligence to streamline marketing processes and optimize ROI.
  5. Digital Productivity: Learn how to maximize productivity and efficiency in a digital environment. Discover tips and tricks for effective time management, task prioritization, and goal setting to ensure you are making the most of your time and resources.
  6. Online Personal Branding: Learn how to create and manage your personal brand online, including developing your unique voice, establishing your online presence, and leveraging social media to build your professional reputation.
  7. Digital PR: Discover how to craft a strategic digital PR plan that aligns with your business objectives and amplifies your brand messaging. This training covers the latest digital PR tactics, including influencer outreach, media relations, and crisis management.
  8. Senior Management Thought Leadership: Become a thought leader in your industry with our senior management thought leadership training. Develop key skills and strategies for establishing yourself as an industry expert and building your personal brand. Our training covers topics such as creating compelling content, effective public speaking, and leveraging digital channels to reach a wider audience. With our expert guidance, you can establish yourself as a thought leader and drive your business forward.
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Training and Development Challenges

  1. Time constraints: Struggling to schedule training without conflicting with work commitments? Bernie delivers training onsite and online, so your team can learn at a time that suits them.
  2. Budget constraints: Worried about the cost of training? Bernie has standard training topics at affordable costs, making it easier for you to invest in your team’s growth.
  3. Lack of employee engagement: Want your team to be motivated and engaged during training? Bernie is a top-tier popular trainer in marketing, with high satisfactory rates and different interactive engaging methodologies to keep your team interested.
  4. Choosing the right training provider: Struggling to choose the right provider? Bernie’s practical industry experience, solid academic background, and strong presentation skills make him the perfect choice for all your training needs.
  1. Measuring the effectiveness of the training: Unsure about how to measure the effectiveness of training? Bernie is trusted by F500 global brands and has high positive feedback, ensuring that your team’s performance will improve.
  2. Ensuring that the training content is relevant and up-to-date: Want to ensure that your team is learning the latest skills and knowledge? Bernie tailors training content for clients and stays active in the market, ensuring that your team is always learning the latest trends and technologies.
  3. Adapting to different learning styles: Worried about accommodating different learning styles? Bernie has delivered over 500 training and workshops and teaches in university, so he knows how to deliver content that meets the needs of all participants.
  4. Managing logistics: Struggling with logistical challenges when organizing training? Bernie has rich experience delivering training and workshops online or onsite and has equipment ready for different occasions, so you can leave the logistics to him.

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