A Master Trend Storyteller at his best, blessed with a silver tongue on topics of Digital Marketing and Social Media.

Online Marketing Course

A Coach who wants to transform his experience with top-caliber companies into online courses for digital and social media marketers and the public.

Workshop & Training

An Epic Trainer & Lecturer conducted over 100+ Industrial training, seminars and workshops for marketers.

Digital & Social Media Strategy

Bernie formulates digital and social media marketing strategy, O2O, and omnichannel implementation to drive sales.

Business & Marketing Consultation

An experienced and wise consultant to formulate intelligent marketing and business strategies.

Creative Advertising & Marketing

Bernie creates engaging content on social media. He makes use of the latest technology from creative visuals, animation, and AR on different platforms.


I help clients tell their story, engage with their audiences and “unleash the power” of their brands through social media marketing and creative advertising.