Bernie Wong on Underutilized Onsite Optimization Strategies

Last 01 December 2021, Bernie Wong, the founder & owner of Social Stand Ltd, got featured in an article at Nozzle, a computer software company with offices in New York and London. Sarah Norwood posted a question about what is the most underutilized SEO tactic or strategy? 

According to Bernie:

  1. SEO focuses on providing the best answers to online queries.

    SEO focuses on providing the best answers to online queries. Like SEO, an FAQ page directly answers the most common questions of your audiences. A good example is McDonald’s FAQ page. It gives thousands of factual responses about the brand and its food. It is also sociable and stimulates customers to share their FAQ experiences.

  2. FAQ pages are also vital to organic performance.

    FAQ pages are also vital to organic performance. As they answer prominent questions of current and prospective customers, they lead them down to the path of solving their problems. Eventually, it may be a conversion for the business. Free Spirit travel insurance has done a great job in creating an FAQ page with a mix of interactive content and navigational features. It makes it easier for a user to navigate the site and proceed with the buying decision faster.

When optimized with the right keywords, structured data marked up, and UX experience, a website can toss a laundry of random questions to an FAQ page and rank on a search engine’s 1st page.”

As a creative digital and social media marketing professional, Bernie has worked with Fortune 500 brands like Starbucks, GAP, Adidas and Disney, etc. He has helped clients to engage with their audiences, tell their stories, and “unleash the power” of their brands. He has also been invited as a speaker and trainer of different marketing conferences and workshops.”

If you want to read more about underutilized onsite optimization strategies, check it out here:

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