Bernie Wong Speaks at the Online Business Summit

On 18 September 2020, Bernie Wong spoke at the 2020 Online Business Summit about digital marketing and businesses recovering from the pandemic. The 2020 Online Business Summit was a conference led by Hong Kong’s leading business, marketing, and advertising professionals.For this year, the Summit had one overarching theme: how can businesses get into digital transformation and help rebuild their businesses following the coronavirus pandemic?  

The Online Business Summit was divided into two parts: cases and tools. For the cases portion, the speakers discussed particular brands that were able to navigate their digital transformations and currently have their online platforms up and running. By analyzing the way that these businesses were able to establish their own online presences, brands can follow suit and adapt the digital transformation for their own businesses. For the tools portion, the speakers discussed various tools businesses and brands can use to enhance their digital transformation process and make it more seamless.

In Bernie Wong’s case, he discussed the work he and his digital marketing firm, Social Stand Limited, did for Marks & Spencer Hong Kong. They strengthened Marks & Spencer’s online presence and marketed the brand’s online app to be able to reach more customers. Bernie also explained in detail his strategies to make the shift from physical to digital more seamless.

You can read more about the event here.

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