Bernie WongMay 11, 2021

Customers Are Searching for Answers

Yahoo! announced the global closure of “Yahoo! Answers” on 04 May 2021. Yahoo! Knowledge+ in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other places will also end at the same time. Why did Yahoo! decide.

Bernie WongApril 30, 2021

Inspirations from Segmenting Travelers Into 6 Types

I believe that the first thing that the entire universe (including aliens) wants to do once the pandemic is under control is to travel. Even without running any statistics, this desire to.

Bernie WongApril 29, 2021

Which KOL Is the Best?

Marketers, who work for brands that are keen to conduct KOL campaigns, usually approach an agency for a quote and a suggested list of KOLs. When an agency provides this list, it’s.

Bernie WongApril 28, 2021

開網店前諗清楚: 你的動機是什麼 ?

全球在肺炎疫情的陰霾下,人們都會盡量減少外出,避免人群聚集,不少人都會選擇轉用網上購物平台,造就很多網店的生意都逆市跑贏。如果想開網店,又應該怎樣起步呢 ﹖

Bernie WongApril 27, 2021



Bernie WongApril 20, 2021

Which KOL Should You Choose for Brand Marketing?

This was a question thrown to a colleague by one of our clients selling health products. Our company has been regularly managing the social media content for the brand. Recently, the client.

Bernie WongApril 13, 2021

Bernie Wong on Facebook Ad Targeting

On 19 March 2021, Bernie Wong, the owner and founder of Social Stand Limited, was featured on AdTargeting’s article titled: “Facebook Ad Targeting Strategy Discussion by 15 Marketing Experts”. The article collected.

Bernie WongApril 12, 2021

Bernie Wong at Day 2 of the Cyberport Virtual Career Fair

On 13 March 2021, Bernie Wong, the owner and founder of Social Stand Limited, participated as a speaker in the Cyberport Virtual Career Fair 2021. He was part of the speakers for.

Bernie WongApril 2, 2021

Being a Big Brand Is Not Necessarily an Advantage

Google and Facebook have had big headaches lately. Apple’s privacy measures have not only caused a few companies to make noise. Users have also been more sensitive about privacy issues. They threaten.

Bernie WongApril 1, 2021

Digital Marketing Is the Epitome of Endless Learning

At many job seminars, when asked whether digital marketing is easy, I would respond with a resounding “No”! If “easy to do” and “good work” are defined as having a fixed scope.

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