Gain Marketing Expertise by Being Nosy

Bernie Wong, the founder of Social Stand, often joked that he always felt guilty teaching digital marketing courses to marketers as a middle-aged man. He has experience serving digital marketing clients daily, compared to many of his younger students. Recently, Bernie came across many students keen to enter or switch careers into digital marketing. More often than not, they are the ones he viewed as “digital natives,” a generation that grew up with smartphones as toys. So, Bernie thought that they should be teaching him instead.

An Era Without Perfect Plans

In reality, digital marketing means catching up with the ever-changing trends. Fortunately, Bernie loves to know the latest news and try out new things. The new generation has an absolute advantage in this. To be good at digital marketing, being nosy is a basic skill. 

What are the new features on social media platforms? Are there emerging platforms being tested overseas? Nothing is impossible if you’re armed with a willingness to find and try out new things, such as the latest creative ideas and hot topics. The conventional way of planning everything perfectly before execution is no longer applicable in the realm of digital and social media marketing.

Fresh Grads, Don’t Be Satisfied

Recently, some fresh graduates approached Bernie at the end of a course to ask what qualifications are needed to enter the industry. Are academic qualifications important? Many experts, and even the directors of the marketing department of our clients, frankly, do not care for these. In fact, some are wary of students from famous universities who they think may be too arrogant and lack the drive to constantly push themselves to learn to reach the top. The scope of digital marketing is getting wider and wider. Is it possible to learn everything? It is more important to have a mentality of lifelong learning.

Communication Strategies for Middle-Level and Senior Executives

Bernie has also met many middle-level executives while conducting training for his marketing clients. These executives have enough marketing experience. But when they consider the trends of digital marketing, they worry that they will not be able to catch up. Some participate in the training on their own accord, and many have confided that they are worried about their skills or lack thereof. 

Digital marketing is based on the basic principles of marketing. Many of its communication strategies are not different from traditional ones. It is just that digital marketing requires a greater degree of participation, interaction, and is very fast-paced. Thus, the strength of traditional marketers lies in strategy, where they complement new hires who are good at grasping how things work and new skills as well. Of course, how one climbs up the corporate ladder of success depends on how far-sighted you are and how you chart your career path.

YouTube “High Speed” Learning

Bernie came across many opportunities to learn while preparing material for his classes. As he is naturally inclined to be nosy, he set aside one hour each day to learn something, whether it has to do with marketing or about business. The world is so big and there are so many specialists in each field. To speak of the cost – there are so many free YouTube videos that impart valuable knowledge at no cost. You can gain an immense amount of knowledge. Save some time by watching videos at high speed.

Bernie sometimes met with experts from YouTube, where establishing contact over the Internet is but a click away. Making friends or even having a 1:1 Zoom meeting is not as difficult as he had imagined, and the benefits he gained have been endless.


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