Uncover the Magic of Disney+ Content Marketing

Disney+ has finally launched in Hong Kong! Recent discussions have surfaced over how to make the most of the six user profiles. Which movies are worth watching and re-watching? Which series is the most interesting, and so on? Apart from Disney’s original brand value, advertisers should also consider the marketing techniques which Disney+ has adopted to make its launch is a success.

  1. Being Able To Launch A Countdown Is A Demonstration Of A Brand’s Ability 

    Having a countdown to launch a product or service is definitely not new. Being able to make use of such a concept is also an expression of a brand’s ability. It is because the product or service itself must be attractive and eye-catching enough for people to look forward to. 

  2. Many marketing projects

    Many marketing projects are done in a hurry to meet the date of the launch. So, projects that factor in a countdown are really appreciated. The countdown before the launch of Disney+, whether on the Internet or displayed on TV street billboards, allows time for the entire marketing project to warm up (or preheat) in the market. 

Planning for a countdown has not posed a big challenge to Disney, since filming usually takes years to complete. If business owners and marketers can plan better, they can avoid the hasty launch of a marketing plan that ends prematurely before enough hype is generated.

Adopting the Strategy of Recycling One’s Content

As a form of media, the content of Disney+ is, of course, its strong point. Pay close attention to how the promotion of many programs is specially curated. 

On some special occasions, such as the birthdays of Mickey and Minnie last 18th of November, you would see a collection of classic pictures on Disney’s social media. The countdown on social media before the launch of Disney+ also involved careful curation. It must have taken a lot of effort on Disney’s part, such as planning for the kick-off celebration in Hong Kong, full-length premieres, promotional materials, sing-a-longs, or other versions that capture the essence of Disney+ content. 

With painstakingly produced videos, repurposing content can maximize results. From simple advertising to managing social media content in the past, marketers have also been “forced” to take on greater media responsibilities. 

Probably everyone has learned one or two tricks, such as not hard selling, in addition to “recycling” as another form of publicity. Of course, it isn’t the end once Disney’s movies and clips are broadcast. They will be edited and reused on the social media pages of Disney+ or reapplied to specific themes, as long as they can be retold well. In fact, when a brand does social media marketing, apart from blindly catching up with new themes, it should also develop evergreen content that can be launched in a “cycle” from time to time.

Building a Brand Community

To avoid being one-sided, let us not only mention the good points about what Disney has done. There has been a countdown for the launch of Disney+ in the United States two years back. If we consider the series of events, Disney was very wise to launch it at D23 Expo, an annual convention for die-hard Disney fans. There is no major publicity for this annual convention, which is targeted at loyal fans. Choosing to launch it first at this annual conference offers a guarantee that it will build up momentum among a group of ambassadors and be well-received. After all, it is also important for a brand to build up a community. It appears that there is a greater buzz among Facebook groups over the Discord groups that have emerged.

This is something that marketers should consider when planning their own brand’s community strategy. Of course, it’s easier said than done. To build and maintain a community isn’t as simple as posting one or two posts on your brand page and then interacting through messages. Followers look forward to building a relationship that is long-term and genuine, via content, interaction, and a lot of operational resources. Having said that, brands have also organized some blogger events many years ago. This, in fact, is an in-person version of building a community.

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