That Stack of Unexecuted Marketing Plans

I’m guessing that everyone involved in marketing has several, or even dozens of, unimplemented plans stored somewhere in the computer. As an agency, you’ll find this a familiar practice. Even if your agency wins a pitch, there may be changes in client preferences. The plan may either be considered or reconsidered to death. Perfectionism may be at fault for these marketing plans that are left unimplemented. 

Blame It on Perfectionism

At the beginning of the year, my friend wanted to take a video content course. I supported him in his course fees on the first round and sat down with him for an afternoon tea. I shared some things about my research on software platforms. He was surprised that I, as an “outsider,” who doesn’t conduct filming, was knowledgeable in this regard. More than half a year later, he has produced more than 50 short films and I’m still in the same place. Apart from my excuse of being camera shy, he offered another perspective that hit the nail on the head – the fault of perfectionism.

To do business and marketing, it is – of course – wise to have a plan. Plans are likely to change, yet it’s impossible to proceed without a plan. Don’t fail to make the first step in planning for the pursuit of ultimate perfection. New business ideas should be implemented by offering a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and marketing ideas should also be piloted and adjusted along the way. Frankly speaking, it’s easier said than done, and I am also pushing myself to change.

Be Agile: Keep Changing and Moving Forward

To test new content and marketing ideas, I used my company and personal page to try them out. Recently, I shared different ideas directly with clients, who have been very willing to be agile and participate in these constantly adapting marketing plans. This has resulted in some new content and formats, which represent a departure from previous frameworks.

Being Agile Is a Mentality. Didn’t Google Launch Gmail in Beta for Five Years?

I conducted digital marketing training for the Shangri-La Group two weeks ago. We’ve exchanged many theories and reference cases. I haven’t expected that such a large corporation would make immediate adjustments after the training course. To my pleasant surprise, the company has already made progress in testing out some new ideas and is expected to execute them over the next few weeks.

Gaining Experience Is Better Than a Perfect Expectation that Remains Unexecuted

I am a digital marketer who has hosted a radio program for many years. I was not inclined to writing and was also afraid I would not write well. As a result, this marketing column was born under the impetus of editors. Is part of being camera shy also fearful of not producing enough high-quality video content

It was decided that Mingpao Finance will launch a live program to share marketing experience with everyone. It may not necessarily be the best, but have the mindset of being agile, and strive to constantly improve. You must take that step.


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