Wake Up! Build the Most Genuine Brand Equity!

Wake Up! Build the Most Genuine Brand Equity!

Hong Kong marketers who have their international brands once asked, “Is a Hong Kong website needed when a lot of resources have been invested in Facebook Page and works well?” Surely! A brand should own its website, whether it’s international or local, famous or less famous. A website is the most genuine brand equity. I know that creating a local page may be a tough job for an international brand. But in the long run, this could be a strategy. Far-sighted management should not avoid such importance and dwell on the trivial.

Real Own Media Rather than Facebook Page

Marketers often complain that Facebook and Instagram ads incur too many costs. Social media occasionally goes wrong. Sometimes, posts cannot be displayed, or one cannot log in on the page. Yet, after these problems are answered, things go back to usual. It seems that everyone has forgotten that these social media platforms can only be used as a big sign or paid media. That is despite their large flow of users. The page or account that marketers so painstakingly built up is entirely on someone else’s platform. It’s not the real owner media.

The Withdrawal of TikTok from Hong Kong Inspires

TikTok announced its plan to exit the Hong Kong market within days. This will be a major international concern given the political situation. As such, marketers started to discuss what would happen if Facebook and Instagram won’t work in Hong Kong one day. As a member who loves Hong Kong, I certainly do not want to see that. And I hope that day will never come. Let this event be a useful reminder: Does your brand have its own media?

Foreign Platforms such as “Amazon” Can Also Close Your Stores!

Content marketing is very important and so is building a community. Even so, it cannot solely rely on some specific platforms. We shouldn’t feel conceited and self-satisfied because of some success in fans. There are many marketing cases in foreign countries. For example, Amazon sellers earned a lot of money. When Amazon changed the sorting preference overnight, these stores disappeared. They were closed by Amazon for some reason. Moreover, the complaint is time-consuming. One must understand that opening a store in someone else’s “shopping mall” can indeed guarantee the flow of people. But it is the “shopping mall” that wields the power. The closure of your store is often not up to you, whether it is right or wrong.

Website Is the Most Basic Need of a Brand

Awakening marketers can start with the following points. First, diversification. Never put the eggs in one basket. Have at least two active social media platforms. I know that many brands are very focused on Facebook, and even Instagram is put aside (although Facebook and Instagram belong to the same company). A website is necessary for the brand. Don’t build websites that are difficult to update. WordPress is my favorite website development platform. It has simple content management and professional search engine optimization. Contents on social media should also be considered on your website.

The Number of Fans on Social Media Platforms Is Less Useful than Customer Emails

Finally, building a community cannot only rely on social media platforms. The number of fans on social media platforms is not what the brand owns. It’s because these fans cannot be connected when they leave the social media platforms. Recently, I have reformed the marketing strategy in this respect for many brand clients. A brand owns at least emails of fans and the contact information in WhatsApp to prepare for more holistic marketing. 

Creative social media content is the main business for me. To put it bluntly, it seems like “running my act by myself.” Only considering social media as a brand marketing strategy will bring hidden concerns in the long run. Building the most genuine brand equity is the key!

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