Bernie WongJuly 19, 2021

Marketing without Facebook and Google

Rumors were circulating that Facebook and Google might pull out of Hong Kong. Upon hearing this, marketers were all very anxious – as if the end of the world was imminent. To.

Bernie WongJuly 15, 2021

How Much Do You Love Big-Box Stores?

The influence of the young generation should not be overlooked. Even Kenny Tak Bun Wong has broken with the conventional TVB and moved to a new TV station. His move was embraced.

Bernie WongJuly 8, 2021

eCommerce Insights from Buying a Can of Coke

“I’ve set up my online store. How can I increase sales next?” Recently, many clients asked for help in conducting the next phase of marketing for their online stores. Many brands have.

Bernie WongJuly 5, 2021

A Million-Dollar Class on Customer Personas

Every brand has probably gone through the process of creating “Customer Personas.” For most, this would have been conducted before the launch of a brand or a product or as part of.

Bernie WongJune 28, 2021

Instagram Affiliate Marketing Is Nothing New

Affiliate marketing has been very popular on Amazon for a while now. It is used by Amazon’s wide range of products. For example, you may be a photography enthusiast and have a.

Bernie WongJune 21, 2021

Trends in Social Media as an Information Exchange Platform

The Arrival of Instagram Bot Facebook announced a series of upcoming developments during its annual F8 Refresh conference. This is a major event that marketers should not miss. The announcements made this year are.

Bernie WongJune 15, 2021

Is It the End of Live Marketing?

Live streaming on social media platforms seems to be growing in popularity. Sales from live streaming are growing, too. Most physical events today are live-streamed. Despite the increasing demands, some marketers have.

Bernie WongJune 10, 2021

Google: Not Afraid of Being Abandoned by Customers

It is not that terrible for merchants to be abandoned by customers when they are shopping around. Yet probably, the most frightening of all is to be abandoned and not be aware.

Bernie WongJune 3, 2021

Earn Revenue with Podcasting: Audio Marketing Is the New Future

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) recently published its research study on podcasts. Podcast advertising grew at an annual growth rate of 19%. In 2020, podcast ads in the United States amounted to $8.42.

Bernie WongMay 26, 2021

Crosses and True Likes on Facebook

After the previous wave of departures from Facebook, are you still active on MeWe? Aside from gaining users during the initial phase, when everyone jumps on the bandwagon, a social platform must.

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