Is Facebook Outdated?

Is Facebook Outdated?

When tailoring digital marketing strategy for the customers, it always comes to one question: Is Facebook outdated? Should we shift our target to Instagram? Instagram is currently popular among youngsters. One should bear in mind that both Facebook and Instagram belong to the same parent company. From an advertising view, both are using the same Ads Manager which formed the whole ecosystem or advertising system. For instance, when someone encounters an ad of a brand on Instagram, he/she can also be targeted on Facebook. Or even being presented to a call to action ad of the same brand when he/she uses Facebook. Thus, it never comes to a situation where Instagram becomes so popular than Facebook. Facebook has planned well to avoid loss in its market share for giving the emergence of Instagram.

Facebook is still the core of different social media platforms. People may shift to use other platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Line; but they will eventually come back to Facebook for receiving or searching information. Also, Facebook has a relatively stronger interaction rate of its contents. When one shares some pieces of news or his/her status, there are more replies which show a higher degree of participation. On a certain observation, the best-selling platforms and formats on ads come to the Mobile News Feed of Facebook. Later, it goes to the Story of Instagram.

According to the rule of seven in marketing concepts, when the products or services have been seen 7 times, it will greatly arouse the desire to buy. The more it’s exposed, the more it will be recognized. And the higher chance customers will buy it. Hence, it’s important to put the ads on different social media platforms other than Facebook – Instagram, Google, and YouTube. Such a decentralized method helps to avoid over-reliance on one platform and lessen the worries brought from any changes made.

It’s also worth noting that people will search for relevant information or reviews on Facebook before purchasing a product. Thus, it shows that Facebook is the mainstream on social media platforms in providing information and reviews.

To conclude, when one considers presenting more promotions on Instagram, one should note that Facebook is still the most effective platform for brands to achieve transactions. One should also pay attention to the reviews left on Facebook. Bear in mind the principle of “not putting all the eggs in the same basket.” Place ads on different social media platforms for better exposure of your brands and products. Also, for the best publicity effect.

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