What’s the Best Way to Study Social Media Marketing?

What’s the Best Way to Study Social Media Marketing?

I’ve always been asked for the best way to study social media marketing. There are two effective approaches for self-learning. First, you may join and work in an agency. It’s practical because you can cooperate with different customers. You can also handle different types of social media marketing jobs. Otherwise, you may want to set up a personal website, create a blog, or make a Facebook page. Keep an eye on the relevant data through Google Analytics (GA) or Facebook’s built-in insights. You may learn a lot from it.

 Another simple way to keep connected with the social media world is to keep an eye on foreign news websites. As many social media corporations are based in the USA, pay attention to the news updates. This better equips you with the latest scientific and technological information. Also, keep tracks on blogs, information websites, and programs relating to social media development. The blog of Buffer app and Social Media Examiner is good to follow. There are expert views, news updates, statistical results, and other useful referencing materials on Buffer. Social Media Examiner also provides rich information. It contains blogs, online magazines, podcasts, and research. These two are great for self-learning as well. 

Blogs in social media platforms are also worth noticing. Facebook and Instagram belong to the same parent company – Facebook, Inc. Any new updates will be instantly announced in the company’s blog. Paying attention to the updates can be the fastest way of noticing the changes made in the relevant social media platform. At the same time, social media platforms also need to carry out content marketing. There will be loads of related articles presented on their blogs. These especially include case studies and statistical numbers that have been done throughout the years. They are valuable resources to be looked into and learned from.

Back in the local area, there are different kinds of marketing courses relating to social media, marketing, and digital analysis. They are taught by marketing professionals. For those who would like to learn about social media marketing systematically, the courses should be a very good choice.

Another less mentioned method in learning social media marketing is listening to podcasts. A podcast is not a very prevalent item in Hong Kong, but it surely is another good way to learn something new. It usually takes a very short time to listen to, but still consists of rich content. It could be listened to at any time: while commuting, during breaks, or when in the gym. That’s why I have also produced a podcast program for sharing my experience in marketing and digital advertising.

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