A T-Shaped Marketer

A T-Shaped Marketer

Digital marketing is a very robust industry. Evolving into a T-shaped marketer should be the leading trend right now. So, what’s a T shaped marketer? It’s something to do with the vertical and horizontal parts of the word. They represent the depth and broadness of your marketing knowledge, respectively. 

The vertical part, i.e., the depth of the knowledge on t shaped marketing, relates to the beginning of your marketing career. Usually, there should be an interesting field to work on in the first few years of the developing stage. It might be content marketing, digital advertising, data analysis, or social listening. Delve into that facet and grow as an expert on it. That would build up your career and personal branding. Sometimes, your interest might be shifting away. What matters is that you can find out a field to go deep into. Just like when I started my business. I began by writing on a video game strategy. Later on, I was more interested in technology, advertising, and digital marketing. I would think of various marketing strategies and creative content until the best combination popped up. A professional is made from his passion and willingness to work for his interest.

Achieving expertise in a facet only writes up the vertical stroke of T. The horizontal part is yet to be finished. One’s professional skill is not powerful enough to support the entire career life. It will need a broadened understanding of the industry. Expertise with a broad knowledge makes up a perfect T. As for my personal experience, I focus on doing content marketing. I do this while extending my research on SEO, digital advertising, and O2O (online to offline) system. It greatly helps me in producing content that has a higher reach out rate. At the same time, my extensive knowledge of SEO, digital advertising, and O2O assists in boosting a greater effect. I have developed a better understanding of the coordination of different content and platforms for the best results. That means cooperating with the extensive knowledge field with one’s specialized skill brings out a win-win (synergy) effect. As a result, continuous learning is a must. It may be easy to frequently change the posts for some quick money. But obviously, it also trades in the chance to have a long-term development in the marketing industry.

Recently, the general public is also interested in digital marketing. For example, they may find out ways to sell advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. This method may increase the comments for a higher participation rate. Such tricks can be easily adopted. However, marketing ultimately focuses on marketing strategies. Proficiently utilizing marketing skills and marketing strategies will then bring out the most results.

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