Marketing Isn’t Just Selling But Also Branding

Marketing Isn’t Just Selling But Also Branding

Under a sluggish market, it’s important to seize the time for business reform. Also, it’s time to reconsider the effectiveness of the strategy used for a long time in brand marketing.

Most of the people will think of the logo when talking about branding, but it goes deeper with the brand persona. Imagine the brand as a person. What would be his/her character? How would he/she talk? What would be his/her personal beliefs? Through such anthropomorphic imagination, it is easier to picture the personality of a brand. Then, use it for the marketing content on social media platforms.

Brand belief is essential in modeling a brand persona as well. However, it is not widespread in Hong Kong in the past. Even though there are many international brands in Hong Kong, the outline and the marketing plan have already been fixed. Way before arriving in Hong Kong, these brands can start local marketing straightly. They skip the process of defining their brand beliefs. For small companies or local Hong Kong brands, you may take this opportunity to think about how to build up your own brand beliefs. Especially after the flourishing of social movements in Hong Kong. The younger generation began to focus more on the concepts and beliefs of a company/brand. That’s besides its products, services, and quality.

Here’s a little trick for you to reflect on your brand persona and its belief. Assume that you’re elected by Time Magazine as the Person of the Year. You are invited to attend their interview, and they have reserved the cover page to display you and your brand. How would you like to be described and introduced? Even if you don’t own a brand, you can always start with yourself. One is to be the best representative of oneself. Your words and deeds, and even the information posted and shared on social media, are part of you. It indicates your trustworthiness. Thus, from individuals to companies, it’s time to reflect on your brand persona and brand beliefs.

Recently I’ve hosted a webinar. It’s Online Brand Marketing Strategy in a Gloomy Market. There were over three hundred participants. After the webinar, I also presented a 7-day Action email to the participants. It’s to remind them of the important things to do each day. One of the challenges is to reconsider the way to shape the brand persona and beliefs. Many have been motivated to take a step forward. If you are interested in this webinar, please visit I hope that the webinar, the action email, and this article could encourage you during the pandemic and help strengthen your brand marketing strategy. 


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