Bernie WongAugust 24, 2017

Peerless Post “Uh Like” Big Business – Interview with Oriental Daily Financial Edition

“Being social media, you have to enjoy the world of living on social media! If it is not, it will be painful to be forced to catch up with new information and.

Bernie WongAugust 24, 2017

Facebook Campaign Planner 廣告策劃評估

很多客戶都會於投放廣告時要求實質的數據,以評估這次的廣告效率,而 Facebook 就推了一個名為 Campaign Planner 的功能,幫助品牌及協作者計劃他們的廣告時,可能有多少回報,透過網址或電郵以便與客戶及同事分享,藉此希望可以以最少的預算達到最佳的果效回報。資料來源:SocialTimes

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