Peerless Post “Uh Like” Big Business – Interview with Oriental Daily Financial Edition

“Being social media, you have to enjoy the world of living on social media! If it is not, it will be painful to be forced to catch up with new information and stay abreast of new trends for work.”

, Peerless Post "Uh like" big business – Oriental Daily Financial Edition Interview

[ Eastern Network Special News] The popularity of social media has changed people’s consumption habits. The founder of Social Stand, Bernie Wong, has noticed that all walks of life are paying more and more attention to their image on social platforms. An online advertising company publishes newsletters on social media including Facebook, Instagram, and WeChat for customers. Today, customers include multiple international brands. The revenue for the first quarter has reached the full year of last year. In the future, it will strive to double the annual turnover. “It’s so easy!”
Bernie’s personal career has always been inseparable from social media. He studied creative media during his school hours. He had just set foot in society when the Internet stocks burst in 2000, but he was not frightened. “In the beginning, he worked as a web editor and helped the company understand the website. Pushing the old boy first attracted people to watch. Later, he helped multinational advertisers with publicity work on Yahoo, and never left the tech internet industry.” He is convinced that the future of the tech internet industry is unlimited.
Social media emphasizes creativity. He pointed out: “Creativity is inherently restricted by a lot of constraints. It does not only refer to budgetary expenditures. The brand image, time, place, and people must all be clamped. Therefore, we must try our best. If you have the idea and implement it, it is all It’s useless.” Bernie explained: “We help brands to bridge, take pictures, write text, post, and view customer comments and reactions, etc., all of which are posted. And like traditional advertisers, we have to be more frequent. After posting Post, I look at Shimbashi every day. I have no deadline, so there are sudden changes at any time.” He continued to introduce the company’s past productions: “For example, to help Disney’s big ant-man model with new ideas. Play with Blogger; I also helped Radio Hong Kong produce a self-portrait and sing K App, use the TV on the mobile phone to sing with singers, and so on.”
He said, “Knowing people who play Facebook does not mean knowing that the company produces a quality Post!”, So to meet these requirements is a big challenge for the company’s marketing strategists or traditional advertising companies; on the contrary, Social Stand specializes in these ads, which has more advantages.
To be ready at any time, and when preparing for a long time of 7 by 24, high-quality online advertisements should also be required. Bernie pointed out that loving your job is the key. “Like Starbucks, I like to drink coffee, so I can be my guest, and I will be my guest. My colleagues said that if I want to share If I cooperate with companies that sell insecticide water, I will try my best to fall in love with this insecticide water!”
Bernie said that before he decides to cooperate with a customer, he will spend about a month to understand the company’s products and analyze the customer’s market Positioning, etc., and will look at their past advertisements in other media to understand their requirements.
In addition, any news content, images, etc. should not be sloppy. For example, they tried to do a Facebook post for a children’s brand to find a child psychologist, and they also invited a Hong Kong team coach for a sports brand.
“To be a social media advertising company, you need to have enough Chok!” From Bernie’s clothing taste, conversation behavior, demeanor, etc., there is always an image of Chok. Bernie frankly said: “Advertising Chok can create a brand image. Some brands want Chok to get their style, some want Chok to be close to the people, and some want to be awkward! Every customer has different requirements, but the purpose is to wait for everyone to remember.”
Bernie pointed out, all Colleagues, including myself, must be trendy enough! “Being social media, you have to enjoy the world of living on social media! If it is not, it will be painful to be forced to catch up with new information and keep up with new trends for work.” He and his colleagues will be inertial every day Read a lot of American forum reports and gossip news.
Bernie continued, “Doing social media advertising needs to be fresh every day. Today’s explosions, listening to the day may be overwhelming, you must know how much young people have fun playing Snapchat!” So ​​he is a part-time teacher, in addition to teaching In addition to giving professional knowledge and experience to the next generation, students can also learn about the latest trends.
He recalled that half a year ago, they noticed a speech by Facebook founder Zuckerberg in a forum, thinking that he hinted that the “Dislike” button would not be launched, so they guessed that Facebook might release other new buttons, “Well, I will already Dudingqiao, when Facebook pushes various new Reaction buttons in the United States, we will immediately eat and live, help customers Tempo to push new Posts, and change the original advertising promotion of “The point is with you” Sentence, turn to “Like you, Love you, live next to you”!” In the end, the ad was also well received.
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