Digital Marketing Is the Epitome of Endless Learning

At many job seminars, when asked whether digital marketing is easy, I would respond with a resounding “No”! If “easy to do” and “good work” are defined as having a fixed scope and being able to leave work on time, digital marketing does not fulfill either of these. Marketing agencies operate OT day in and out. To be honest, I don’t necessarily see clients leaving work earlier than us. Digital marketing isn’t the most relaxing job in the world.

FLoC without Cookies

There is also the ever-changing nature of the industry. Marketers not only have to pay attention to the current trends in consumer habits. They also need to factor these trends in their marketing campaigns. Functions across various platforms may be enhanced or reduced without advance notice. These happen occasionally with immediate effect. Technology develops rapidly, and cookies may no longer be available tomorrow since Google announced it is no longer developing this aspect. Perhaps marketers should wait to see how the technology scene changes. Agencies should understand how FLoC segments its target audience. Today’s up-and-coming Clubhouse may very well give way to Twitter’s Spaces. Playing catch-up is tiring enough – and to do a good job in digital marketing, these are just examples of the basics we have to be equipped with.

Previous Knowledge Becomes an Obstacle to Digital Marketing

Besides conducting digital marketing for clients in an agency, I also teach in colleges and offer course lectures. Everyone thinks that young people are familiar with digital and social media. It’s because they grew up in a generation of tablets and smartphones. But it appears to me that it is because of their modest attitude when it comes to learning and their willingness to accept new concepts. On the contrary, I once met someone who had picked up a few buzzwords and read one or two traditional marketing theories. Thereafter, I thought he knew it all but he didn’t. Having a close mind and heart is detrimental to learning. I have been in this industry for more than 10 years, and I’m still faced with new information every day. I have to remind myself to keep sharpening my knowledge and to avoid being complacent despite my experience.

The Importance of Putting a Growth Mindset and Unlearning

CEO Brian Cheng recently promised to teach a digital marketing course on Generation Hong Kong. He explained that the Generation course is designed to tackle the problem of youth unemployment and develop it into a long-term career plan. Besides digital marketing techniques, it is also important to emphasize the importance of having the right mindset. Among them, the Growth Mindset is particularly indispensable in digital marketing.

To succeed in digital marketing, I highly recommend Barry O’Reilly‘s book, Unlearn. It is about unlearning and humbly letting go of practices that no longer work, to truly take the step towards gaining new knowledge. 

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