Finding Muk and Tin’s Token of Love

Finding Muk and Tin’s Token of Love

Hong Kong people are self-starters by nature. In last week’s episode of Ossan’s Love, Muk presented a small gift to Tin. It is a piece of jewelry bearing the letters T and M. That same evening, Crudo, an online shop where customers can personalize accessories, received a surge in orders of the same item. While dealing with the sudden increase of customers, a question arises: “How can marketing ride on this craze?”

The Craze Over Ossan

For marketing to ride over the craze, brands first need to update the main page of their online stores. This should be followed by updating your digital advertising content as well. Analyze the customer journey of browsing and placing orders on your online store. Grab the opportunity to maximize exposure of your products and services in the process. Rally greater awareness of what defines your brand among customers during this brief moment of craze. Explore steps to level up media collaboration to extend this shopping boom. 

What Is Your Advertising Budget?

It is also worthwhile for marketers to consider Crudo’s strategy of advertising via online media. Before setting a budget, look at the ideas first before committing to a marketing plan. This sparks guesswork among digital marketing agencies regarding the client’s budget, which is both time-consuming and troublesome. A particular online store that had newly launched carried out a series of ad testing first. This is an exercise to pre-determine their advertising budget. For example, if a $10 advert can help the business make $100, why not invest a larger amount to get a greater return on investment? This is precisely the difference in mentality between affiliate marketing, growth marketing, and traditional marketing. 

Tips for Facebook Ads

Recently, a digital marketer painstakingly analyzed whether creative content in Facebook ads is backed by data. Everyone knows that creativity is very important, but how should it be executed? Facebook has released a combination of static and video content, and the outcome is great. Many advertisements started by appearing on Facebook user feeds but now use the Stories feature. Advertisements that are originally designed to air on Stories have a better conversion rate. Such data is meant to provide an overview and serve as a point for consideration. What would be even better is to undergo a round of testing first before launching a larger-scale marketing campaign. A/B testing is not meant to be simply a theoretical principle that is taught in the textbook.

It is not only the marketing campaigns of traditional, big brand names that will be challenged by the emergence of online shops. It also serves as a reminder for all of us to think outside the box when it comes to marketing strategy and execution.

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