Being KOL is Not an Easy Task

Being KOL is Not an Easy Task
  1. A KOL Just Needs To Say A Few Words About The Product.

    With the popularity of the Internet and the extensive use of social media, comments from influencers, also known as KOLs stand for Key Opinion Leader, KOL in social media have increasingly affected the consumers’ decisions. Is it real that a KOL just needs to say a few words with the products in front of the camera, then it’s done? The effect of this implementation is very limited, and will not attract the audience. A good KOL Campaign should be about the interaction between the KOL, the brand, and the product. There should be an attractive story about that. So, when I accept a KOL Campaign, I will first study the effects and the stories of the brand and the product before looking for suitable influencers. Then, I connect these two to create an inspiring story.

  2. A Successful KOL Case

    Recently, I accepted a tech KOL campaign to train a new generation of technology influencers. Based on my experience in digital and traditional media, I used to promote online for some brands and create social media content. I combined the unique branding of each KOL and created an impressive story. For example, a male beauty influencer, Ricky Kazaf, is a very successful case. He successfully launched a street transformation project. By randomly selecting men on the street and changing their outlooks, his YouTube resulted in high ratings.

Understand Your Strengths

Before becoming a KOL, you should understand your strengths. You have to find your key interest. Let everyone remember who you are, instead of becoming a general “netizen” on the internet.

Continuous Learning and Development

After you understand your strengths and your interests, you should then continue to learn and develop them. Don’t stand still. In this way, you can continue to share relevant new knowledge to your supporters.

Attract Like-Minded Audiences

Don’t expect you can cater to everyone’s preferences. Influencers should have their focuses and personalities to attract new audiences.

Don’t Treat KOLs as Internet Ghostwriters

Marketers should not treat KOLs as internet ghostwriters. KOLs should not lose their identities and personalities for extra income. As a good influencer and for a successful KOL campaign, the personalities of the influencer and the brand should be preserved. The content should connect the two into a story that the target audience will be interested in. Imagine if the digital key KOL only takes a selfie with the product, rewrite the press release, and upload it to Instagram or a blog, will the audience be attracted? In the long run, this is not beneficial for both the influencer and the brand itself. So, being a KOL is not an easy task!


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