Social Media Marketing Echo Chambers

Social media platforms make use of algorithms to display content to users. A basic algorithm involves tracking the content that a user is interested in based on his browsing history and what he “likes” and then offering more similar content to him.

There is nothing wrong with bringing up content that users like to read. But after the U.S. elections, social protests, and Netflix’s The Social Dilemma documentary-drama film, echo chambers will tell you what you want to hear. On social media, Biden fans would have their feeds full of news that Biden would be elected, while Trump fans will see that victory is in their hands, with their opponents none the wiser.

Echo Chamber Marketing: The Concept of Fan Clubs

Leaving current affairs aside for a moment, it is not a heinous crime for consumers to be found in an echo chamber. For example, if you adore cats, you would naturally love to have cat videos flooding your feed, to see how other cat lovers are subservient to their masters. If you run a pet shop, and you encounter a customer who owns cats, you would naturally engage him in a conversation about raising cats and recommend related products in the process.

Coming back to the Internet, personalized email content, follow-up advertising, and gathering of like-minded communities are commonly adopted marketing strategies. These are generally acceptable because consumers are empowered to leave an online group or unsubscribing from a mailing list anytime.

Reinforcing Own Beliefs in an Echo Chamber

One thing to note is that this chamber does not represent the world. Knowing how to exit the room is key. Many of my media and advertising friends like to open one or two more social media accounts, in hope of listening out for more diverse views.

Listen to Other Views Outside of the Meeting Room

I recently had a client who had a strong pool of internal resources. I was naturally curious when she sought to engage our small agency. The reason was simple. When faced with your brand daily, you get tired of working on the same brand and are prone to blind spots. Cooperating with an agency is a way to drag yourself out of the echo chamber.

The Value of One-Star Ratings

Brand marketers live and breathe their brand and know their brands inside out. But to win customers, you can’t simply craft marketing strategies in the office. You have to step out of the echo chamber of your company and get attuned to your customers’ purchasing behavior. Listen even to the reading critiques of your brand and your competitors. By all means, read the 5-star reviews, but study the 1-star reviews too, which are key to leaving the echo chamber.


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