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Marketing in Hong Kong is often too overly focused on Facebook and Instagram while ignoring the importance of YouTube as the second largest search engine. Many brands have their own YouTube channels. However, they may not post new videos often since producing videos requires a lot of resources. Others simply repost videos produced for Facebook on YouTube without first optimizing the content. Thus, they are missing many business opportunities.

Too Busy Making Videos and Forgetting About Marketing

Video is a major trend in marketing. It is a pity if brands only consider advertising on YouTube without operating their own YouTube accounts. Besides the advertisements viewed by the general public when watching videos on YouTube, many people also search for information on YouTube. YouTube videos also occupy an important position in Google’s search results. So, it is also important that search engine optimization (SEO) is factored into your content.

Recently, an SEO tool company, SEMRUSH, released a research report that analyzed the top 10 search results for 15,000 keywords on YouTube. This report may well become a top strategy for everyone’s YouTube accounts and videos.

Get Your First 1,000 YouTube Subscribers

How YouTube videos are ranked is first based on the number of subscribers to the channel and the number of views that the video has. Videos that appear on YouTube from channels with less than 1,000 subscribers are only less than 20%. So, apart from increasing the number of views, new YouTube channels should focus on crossing the threshold of having 1,000 subscribers.

Also be mindful that the top 1 video trend has 74% more views compared with the top 2. Besides, it’s difficult to please viewers if it’s merely an old-fashioned video containing an advertisement or a corporate profile video. What is key is to produce high-quality videos with interesting content and post them across social media platforms. A video should not be promoted only once. Use different content highlights taken from different angles to promote videos too.

Timestamps Help Google Understand Your YouTube Videos

YouTube’s description field is often an important section that everyone ignores. YouTube’s title and description are very helpful to facilitate searches on Google and YouTube. The average number of English words in a video description is 107 but it is better to write more than this. 

Also, if the video contains information for viewers and is 10 minutes or longer, you should add timestamps to it. It does not only make the video convenient for viewers to watch. But it also allows Google to understand the content of the video better. To put it bluntly, it improves the SEO of the video. 

Of course, having a call-to-action (CTA) link as well as the appropriate hashtags will also help the video achieve better results. So, when marketers include video content production in their marketing plan, don’t forget to devote greater resources to optimizing a brand’s YouTube accounts and channels.

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