5 Marketing Tips Inspired by Animal Crossing

5 Marketing Tips Inspired by Animal Crossing
  1. Many Of Us Have Stayed At Home For Quite A Long Time Due To This Pandemic.

    Playing video games seems to be the easiest way to kill time and boredom. Animal Crossing from Nintendo Switch must have been a great hit in recent times. The demand for the game is tremendous. All game cards have been sold out or being sold at highly speculated prices. It’s success sparks up something to learn from. 

  2. The First We Need To Learn Is The Development Of Diversified Sales Channels.

    Animal Crossing has been a great hit. Thus, it’s hard to buy a game card now. But Nintendo Switch knows well in keeping the upsurge. If people can’t buy physically, then why not buy online? Nintendo Switch diversifies its sales channels by offering both physical and online purchases. It surely enlarges the customer base, which eventually boosts up the sales performance.  

Other than boredom, the wonderful experience of playing Animal Crossing also attracts people to devote their time to it. And to do so, they designed the game with great details. It’s customized to fit different users’ needs. One example is the dubbing of the animal characters. Although the animals don’t speak human languages and just babble words, there are differences in the babbles of each language. Try to compare the dubbing of the English and Japanese versions. You will find that these meaningless onomatopoeias are adjusted to suit each language pattern. It indicates the importance of managing every detail, especially when it comes to localization. If you can merge local features into the products, it enhances the user experience and their reviews towards your brand.  

To succeed, a good start is important as well. In Animal Crossing, players are given a tent to start the game. They can build up their first house in whatever places. It is costly, though if they want to move to a new place, it’s the same with marketing. When one starts the program without considering other factors, and if it goes off-track, it would cost much more time, money, and resources to restore everything. Thus, starting with prudent measures helps to avoid unnecessary mistakes, and the extra cost needed for fixing it.  

Another important thing to bear in mind is to learn from collaboration. Animal Crossing allows players to grow their fruits. But each can only have one type of fruit. And here comes the opportunity to collaborate. You can get more and different kinds of fruits, only when you cooperate with other players. So, in reality, a collaboration between different brands helps to bring forth better outcomes. Thus, I enjoy helping different brands to make a cross-over. It always brings forth an overwhelming effect. 

Besides learning from collaboration, learn from your surroundings. See how the players in Animal Crossing visit different islands, study the designs and settings of others. You will know it’s the same in real life. So marketers, take your time to learn from your peers, your customers, or other great companies. Pay attention to the details in real life. These will help you better equip yourself. 

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