How Blue Bottle Coffee Leverages Digital Marketing

How Blue Bottle Coffee Leverages Digital Marketing

Blue Bottle Coffee, the world-famous coffee brand, officially launched in Hong Kong in April. Dubbed as the Apple of the coffee scene, the artisanal brand has sparked waves of long queues of eager fans here.

In the past 18 years, Blue Bottle Coffee has transformed from a simple coffee cart into a widely successful market leader in the coffee industry with an established chain of upscale cafes.  

Three points of its digital marketing strategy stand out.

  1. Firstly, Content Marketing.

    Blue Bottle Coffee has invested heavily in curating meaningful content around coffee. Whether you are looking to make French press coffee or a cold brew, or practice your latte art at home, Blue Bottle offers user-friendly guides that never fail to remind you to make use of its carefully sourced coffee beans and products.

    These brew guides, which educate customers on the craft of brewing a good cup of coffee, appear across several online platforms, in addition to being found on Blue Bottle’s website.

    This is made possible through its search engine optimization strategy that helps content from Blue Bottle to feature first when people perform a Google search using commonly used keywords. Clicking on these results brings visitors to the company’s website. 

    This is a widely used digital marketing technique that can be adapted to expand your reach to potential customers.  

  2. Secondly, Email Marketing.

    Blue Bottle Coffee runs a very mature email marketing program. Its email newsletter provides valuable content to its customer base to educate them and showcase Blue Bottle products – through a tasteful, subtle approach rather than hard-selling – to encourage greater traffic to their website.

Regular marketing emails engage customers on their coffee preferences, then offers them tailored insights, in a bid to nurture prospective customers. This allows the brand to relate to – and more importantly, to resonate with – them, thereby converting potential customers into paying ones.

Thirdly, a strong emphasis on customer experience. I once had the experience of queuing up to buy Blue Bottle coffee at one of its branches overseas. What was striking was how the baristas went all out to provide customers with excellent service despite being visibly busy, even using mobile point of sale systems to reduce the time spent waiting in line to pay, improving the customer experience.

Blue Bottle has also launched coffee subscriptions for coffee lovers. Avid coffee drinkers need their daily caffeine fix, in the form of one, two or perhaps, six cups of good coffee. Keeping this large pool of customers coming back for more through a monthly subscription is a sure means to ensure continued customer loyalty.

For coffee connoisseurs, having access to subscriptions on a long-term basis provides convenience and helps them to unlock discount perks.

The subscription sector is fast-growing with many products and services joining the bandwagon. Why not also consider how this increasingly popular service can benefit your business?

On top of these three marketing strategies, Blue Bottle’s minimalist design aesthetic helps it to stand out. It is no wonder that this stylish brand, leveraging its curated marketing to effectively win customers, has managed to establish a strong brand identity for itself.


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