Effective Tools for Leading a Digital Transformation to Your Company

Effective Tools for Leading a Digital Transformation to Your Company

Recently, there’s a meme on Twitter asking, “Who led the digital transformation of your company?” Surprisingly, the answer is neither the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) nor the CTO (Chief Technology Officer). The answer is COVID-19. Digital transformation has been suggested for a long time, but the outburst of COVID-19 has changed the seemingly unsuccessful digital transformation to a new level. The pandemic requires more and more of us to try using new technology. When coping with daily office work, we are now holding an online conference via Zoom. Or taking and uploading documents through cloud drives. It not only leads to the ongoing change of the digital transformation of enterprises but also drives innovation in the business model in the future.

An article in Forbes has predicted four major changes in the future business model. 

First, due to the transformation in the communication method, it greatly enhances the usage of online video conferencing software and cloud storage service. It will help merge the benefits of work from home and office work while complementing their inadequacy. 

Second, the rise in the demand for takeaway catering indicates the continuity of online business services. Such a module will also reach out to other industries. At the same time, it arouses our concern toward the evolution in occupations of physical stores. 

Third, when one’s more familiar with the uniqueness of new media, online virtual activities will gradually overtake concrete events. 

Fourth, appropriately adopting cloud storage service with refined security management better meets the needs of digital transformation. 

 To conclude, if you want to catch up with the digital transformation but don’t know where to start with, it’ll be good to try these four online services. They are Zoom (video conferencing software), Evernote (productivity software), Dropbox (web-based file hosting service), and Google Drive (file storage and synchronization service). Through utilizing these types of software, it helps bring forth the digital transformation.

Source: https://www.visiongo.hsbc.com.hk/en/article/effective-tools-for-leading-a-digital-transformation-to-your-company

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