How to Sell a Product in the Right Way Effectively?

How to Sell a Product in the Right Way Effectively?

Assuming that you need to promote a watch. Will you just promote its function only? Or present its features of containing an hour hand and a minute hand? While the second hand will be a bonus gift for purchasing the first two items? From exaggerating the usual promotion method of selling functions, features, and discounts, it made us realize that the usual method is quite an inferior type of marketing strategy.

Besides emphasizing a brand persona, marketing should also pay attention to its way of presentation. For example, a consumer wants an electric drill. However, what he’s looking for is not the electric drill but a hole and the function of that hole. Thus, the functions and characteristics of the electric drill are to be interpreted from the consumer’s perspective. Marketing helps to find out the pain point of the user, and provide him with such a solution.

There are two main perspectives in marketing strategy. One would be the logical perspective. The other is an emotional perspective. Start with either one of the perspectives. Then, create content under the solutions needed by the consumers. Hence, if the promotion content remains on selling product functions, features, and discount offers, it would be better to start contemplating how to improve the marketing content and strategies.

Let me share my experience. When I was conceiving relevant social media advertising content for Titus, I intentionally focused on the concepts of “precious moment” and “precious memory.” It helps to resonate with consumers from an emotional perspective. It also stimulates their desire to consume. Usually, there’s a sense of impulse to buy during shopping time. Thus, when creating advertising content, adding emotional elements appropriately will not only resonate with consumers. It will also arouse their desire to shop.


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