Bernie WongApril 29, 2021

Which KOL Is the Best?

Marketers, who work for brands that are keen to conduct KOL campaigns, usually approach an agency for a quote and a suggested list of KOLs. When an agency provides this list, it’s.

Bernie WongApril 20, 2021

Which KOL Should You Choose for Brand Marketing?

This was a question thrown to a colleague by one of our clients selling health products. Our company has been regularly managing the social media content for the brand. Recently, the client.

Bernie WongFebruary 18, 2021

Become a Thought Leader in Your Industry

A while back, I shared a little joke with a PR friend. She had invited me to attend a small-scale business launch event on the basis that a client was looking for.

Bernie WongJuly 18, 2020

Being KOL is Not an Easy Task

A KOL just needs to say a few words about the product. With the popularity of the Internet and the extensive use of social media, comments from influencers, also known as KOL.

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