What Can I Do If My Marketing Budget Has Been Reduced?

Facebook seems to be testing a “Calendar View” feature on Creator Studio. It schedules and allows backdating of posts. Content marketers should be familiar with this calendar. Before Facebook had this feature, we had to create our content calendars for clients every month – especially when planning the content for account information and posts.

Clients probably prefer to fill up their monthly calendars. I recommend the opposite. In the past, I have made drastic attempts at suggesting to my clients to cut down their content. As an agency, it may seem a little counter-intuitive. However, oftentimes the results are better when the amount of content is reduced.

This strategy has been a hit when planning Facebook and Instagram content production for new clients. After all, in an uncertain market where marketing budgets are affected, and the agency takes the initiative to undertake a task, which client wouldn’t care about how much it spends?

Get Rid of the “Old Habits” of Marketing

Of course, not all clients faced reduced budgets, and many have been clever enough to rearrange the layouts of their different media. Is the mainstream media of the past still considered “mainstream”? Is it done out of habit or out of fear to change? Recently I have seen that many “old habits” have been forced to change, which is a good thing.

A client of mine thought that filling up the content calendar meant doing his homework well. When I took over, I carefully looked at the content and their respective performance. I redefined the content strategy, content information, and improved the quality of production. The result was that the quantity of content was reduced but the content quality was higher. Fans also liked it better (at least they were not put off).

In the past, the content was much more in quantity but of lower quality. So, while the opportunities to make contact with fans were greater, with the sheer amount of inferior content, the higher the chances of fans ‘un-liking’ a client’s page. Many fans already feel advertisement fatigue, and low-quality content will only aggravate how they feel. 

Don’t Forget to Soft-Sell Your Brand, In Addition to the Hardware

When you scan the content of different brands‘ pages, you will realize that they focus on product promotion, rather than price or function. Listing information about the product is essential, but you may also wish to add subtle brand messaging as part of your brand’s content calendar. When prospective customers choose products, product functions, and prices are just among the various factors to consider. These days, customers will also consider product origins, production, and operating concepts. These are all good materials for designing a brand’s page.

To Be Precise Is Better Than Doing More

At the end of the year, a few new clients approached us with their limited budgets to discuss embarking on Facebook content marketing. After a month or so, we are already discussing their digital marketing strategy for the new year.

Everyone has weathered the storm of 2020, and dare not fully hope for a new outlook for 2021. Budgets are also not as healthy as before. Nonetheless, a more precise strategy with more detailed execution and less wastage will surely accomplish more stable market conditions and present more opportunities for breakthrough!

Original source: https://www.visiongo.hsbc.com.hk/en/article/what-can-i-do-if-my-marketing-budget-has-been-reduced

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