Bernie WongJuly 21, 2020

Should We Run Ads on Social Media in This Sluggish Market?

When it comes to a sluggish market, companies tend to cut budgets but keep some for advertising. They aim for the conversion rate when selling their ads. It’s the same situation as.

Bernie WongJuly 21, 2020

Effective Tools for Leading a Digital Transformation to Your Company

Recently, there’s a meme on Twitter asking, “Who led the digital transformation of your company?” Surprisingly, the answer is neither the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) nor the CTO (Chief Technology Officer). The.

Bernie WongJuly 21, 2020

How Should a Marketer React Under a Gloomy Market?

Because of the pandemic, many projects have been held up. Hence, it leads to the idling of resources and time. What should a marketer do at this moment? First of all, marketers.

Bernie WongJuly 18, 2020

Being KOL is Not an Easy Task

A KOL just needs to say a few words about the product. With the popularity of the Internet and the extensive use of social media, comments from influencers, also known as KOL.

Bernie WongJuly 15, 2020

Marketing Content Should be Different on Facebook and Instagram

Before, we have mentioned the competition between Facebook and other social media platforms. We came up with the fact that regardless of the competition, a brand needs more exposure. It’s to reach.

Bernie WongJuly 13, 2020

How to Sell a Product in the Right Way Effectively?

Assuming that you need to promote a watch. Will you just promote its function only? Or present its features of containing an hour hand and a minute hand? While the second hand.

Bernie WongJuly 8, 2020

SEO and Miss Hong Kong Beauty Pageant

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means the process of growing the quality and quantity of website traffic. The action means increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of.

Bernie WongJuly 6, 2020

Marketing Isn’t Just Selling But Also Branding

Under a sluggish market, it’s important to seize the time for business reform. Also, it’s time to reconsider the effectiveness of the strategy used for a long time in brand marketing. Most.

Bernie WongJuly 3, 2020

Brand Benefits Under a Gloomy Market

Under the pandemic, the market is gloomy and stagnant. How can a brand keep its benefit in such an unfavorable situation? Adversity is a good chance for the company to reorganize, and.

Bernie WongJune 26, 2020

5 Marketing Tips Inspired by Animal Crossing

Many of us have stayed at home for quite a long time due to this pandemic. Playing video games seems to be the easiest way to kill time and boredom. Animal Crossing.

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