Bernie WongJuly 15, 2020

Marketing Content Should be Different on Facebook and Instagram

Before, we have mentioned the competition between Facebook and other social media platforms. We came up with the fact that regardless of the competition, a brand needs more exposure. It’s to reach.

Bernie WongJuly 3, 2020

Brand Benefits Under a Gloomy Market

Under the pandemic, the market is gloomy and stagnant. How can a brand keep its benefit in such an unfavorable situation? Adversity is a good chance for the company to reorganize, and.

Bernie WongJune 26, 2020

5 Marketing Tips Inspired by Animal Crossing

Many of us have stayed at home for quite a long time due to this pandemic. Playing video games seems to be the easiest way to kill time and boredom. Animal Crossing.

Bernie WongJune 24, 2020

How Blue Bottle Coffee Leverages Digital Marketing

Blue Bottle Coffee, the world-famous coffee brand, officially launched in Hong Kong in April. Dubbed as the Apple of the coffee scene, the artisanal brand has sparked waves of long queues of.

Bernie WongJune 19, 2020

Solutions for Social Media PR Crisis

During the period of social movement and COVID-19 outbursts, I have received many inquiries about the PR crisis. As I am operating a digital marketing agency, I always believed that a PR.

Content Marketing Trends
Bernie WongFebruary 27, 2020

4 Content Marketing Trends to Watch This 2020

Bill Gates wrote an essay in 1996 entitled “Content is king.” He said that “Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as.

Bernie WongOctober 14, 2019

WordPress Site Done, So How to Market It?

Last 12 October 2019, Bernie Wong, Founder and Director of Social Stand Limited shared his insights on WordPress and Marketing in WordCamp Hong Kong 2019. Over 150 participants attended the event. In.

Bernie WongJuly 6, 2018

WordPress15 Recap

早前Social Stand為WordPress15週年共同舉辦了Mini Party慶祝活動,Bernie Wong更即場為大家分享WordPress Content Marketing的心得。除了三個有用的Plugin技巧外,更以專業知識讓大家更了解內容策劃的策略。 如果對WordPress有興趣的你,歡迎到 加入WordPress MeetUp,隨時了解最新資訊及其他活動的詳情,和其他Users見面交流!

Bernie WongMay 29, 2018

RTHK Free As The Wind Recap

日前Social Stand創辦人兼董事Bernie Wong受邀到香港電台第一台節目-講東講西:符號與影像的年代擔任嘉賓,為大家剖析Digital以及社交媒體世界的最新資訊和有趣分享。雖然大家都會用Social media平台分享生活點滴,但當作為品牌宣傳時,絕對有更多技巧策略需要注意。如在社交媒體廣告上的文字和圖片的應用,更精煉和生活化路線,才能引人入勝,成功吸引target audience留意! 如想了解更多,立即足本重溫:

Bernie WongMay 7, 2018

WordPress 15th Anniversary Celebration

WordPress將成立15週年!為慶祝5月27日WordPress15週年,現誠邀各位與世界各地的WordPress會員一同慶參加是次慶祝活動 。Social Stand很榮幸有機會一同策劃這次盛事,為大家製造難忘回憶,希望當日可以和各位一起歡聚快樂時光! WordPress 15th Anniversary Celebration 日期:2018年5月27日(星期日) 時間:11:00am-1:00pm 地點:WeWorks Coworking space (WeWork Tower 535. 20/F, 535 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong) 更多詳情:

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