Bernie WongDecember 8, 2020

Social Stand x Ming Pao: Bernie Wong Speaks on What Marketers Need to Know About Instagram Fans

On 4 December 2012, Bernie Wong, the owner and founder of Social Stand Limited, in partnership with Ming Pao, talked about what marketers need to know about fans and followers on Instagram..

Bernie WongSeptember 7, 2020

Bernie Wong on the Perfect Instagram Advertising Campaign

Instagram is one of the most prominent social media platforms today. It boasts of over 1 billion monthly active users, and it is still continually growing. That is why many brands choose.

Bernie WongAugust 27, 2020

Bernie Wong’s Tip to Sell on Instagram According to Help Smartphone

On 7 June, 2020, Social Stand’s founder, Bernie Wong, was featured on Help Smartphone’s article on experts’ number one tip on how to sell on Instagram. The author, Yoann Bierling, compiled over.

Bernie WongAugust 19, 2020

Discover Digital Marketing Insights for the Publishing Industry

Leverage Digital Marketing to Extend Reach Beyond the Annual Reading Buzz Created By the Book Fair With the long-awaited book fair indefinitely postponed, many publishers have turned to promote their books online..

Bernie WongJuly 15, 2020

Marketing Content Should be Different on Facebook and Instagram

Before, we have mentioned the competition between Facebook and other social media platforms. We came up with the fact that regardless of the competition, a brand needs more exposure. It’s to reach.

Social Media
Bernie WongFebruary 26, 2020

7 Biggest Social Media Sites in 2020

Social media changed the world. It changes how we connect and access information. Around 56% of people in the world use social media platforms. Companies are shifting faster to these platforms for brand visibility..

Bernie WongMay 29, 2018

RTHK Free As The Wind Recap

日前Social Stand創辦人兼董事Bernie Wong受邀到香港電台第一台節目-講東講西:符號與影像的年代擔任嘉賓,為大家剖析Digital以及社交媒體世界的最新資訊和有趣分享。雖然大家都會用Social media平台分享生活點滴,但當作為品牌宣傳時,絕對有更多技巧策略需要注意。如在社交媒體廣告上的文字和圖片的應用,更精煉和生活化路線,才能引人入勝,成功吸引target audience留意! 如想了解更多,立即足本重溫:

Bernie WongFebruary 20, 2018

Digital Marketing Course by Bernie Wong

上次錯過了Bernie的「社交媒體與內容營銷」精讀課程,或是參加後仍覺意猶未盡,想深入了解更多數碼營銷的竅門? 數碼營銷市場發展一日千里,成為各大品牌必爭之地,想在星羅棋布的資訊中突圍而出,絕對要好好掌握數碼平台的最新趨勢和成功要訣。 經濟日報的經濟商學院邀請了Mr. PY Lee、Kenneth Kwok以及Social Stand創辦人兼董事-Bernie Wong教授課程,講者陣容強大。Bernie Wong更負責是次Digital Marketing策略及內容營銷實戰課程的Social Media及Storytelling等部分,以豐富經驗,剖析不同實例的成功模式、具體策略技巧,讓你即學即用,在這個以內容為王的Digital世界中鶴立雞群! 機會難逢,立即報名! Digital Marketing策略及內容營銷實戰課程單元一: (6小時)‧Build Your Brand on Social Media‧Online Marketing Analytics: Meaningful and Measurable日期:2018年3月7日及22日(星期一、三) 單元二: (6小時)‧Create Engaging Content and Storytelling Tips‧Videos in Digital.

Bernie WongFebruary 20, 2018


日前由經濟日報經濟商學院舉行的「社交媒體與內容營銷」精讀課程,Social Stand創辦人兼董事-Bernie Wong以實戰經驗即場分享,教授大家數碼營銷技巧和竅門,現場觀眾反應熱烈,超過二百人,場面墟冚。觀眾認真且熱情參與課程,專心聆聽,相信大家亦獲益良多;想知道更多專業技巧,請密切留意更多實戰課程詳情!

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