BernieAugust 27, 2020

Bernie Wong’s Tip to Sell on Instagram According to Help Smartphone

On 7 June, 2020, Social Stand’s founder, Bernie Wong, was featured on Help Smartphone’s article on experts’ number one tip on how to sell on Instagram. The author, Yoann Bierling, compiled over.

BernieAugust 19, 2020

Bernie Wong Hosts The 2nd HK Digital Advertising Start-ups X Publishing Promotion Support Scheme Awards

On 4 August 2020, the Hong Kong Association of Interactive Marketing (AIM) organized the  2nd HK Digital Advertising Start-ups X Publishing Promotion Support Scheme Awards alongside Create Hong Kong and sponsored by.

BernieJuly 30, 2020

A T-Shaped Marketer

Digital marketing is a very robust industry. Evolving into a T-shaped marketer should be the leading trend right now. So, what’s a T-shaped marketer? It’s something to do with the vertical and.

BernieJuly 3, 2020

Brand Benefits Under a Gloomy Market

Under the pandemic, the market is gloomy and stagnant. How can a brand keep its benefit in such an unfavorable situation? Adversity is a good chance for the company to reorganize, and.

BernieJune 26, 2020

5 Marketing Tips Inspired by Animal Crossing

Many of us have stayed at home for quite a long time due to this pandemic. Playing video games seems to be the easiest way to kill time and boredom. Animal Crossing.

BernieJune 24, 2020

How Blue Bottle Coffee Leverages Digital Marketing

Blue Bottle Coffee, the world-famous coffee brand, officially launched in Hong Kong in April. Dubbed as the Apple of the coffee scene, the artisanal brand has sparked waves of long queues of.

BernieJune 19, 2020

Solutions for Social Media PR Crisis

During the period of social movement and COVID-19 outbursts, I have received many inquiries about the PR crisis. As I am operating a digital marketing agency, I always believed that a PR.

cristyOctober 25, 2019

Earn a Real Heart on Social Media Breakfast Conference

Last 21 October 2019, Bernie Wong, Founder, and Director of Social Stand Limited, shared his expertise and experience with Digital Marketing to a group of marketing talents on the Hong Kong Sales.

cristyOctober 14, 2019

WordPress Site Done, So How to Market It?

Last 12 October 2019, Bernie Wong, Founder and Director of Social Stand Limited shared his insights on WordPress and Marketing in WordCamp Hong Kong 2019. Over 150 participants attended the event. In.


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