BernieDecember 8, 2020

Social Stand x Ming Pao: Bernie Wong Speaks on What Marketers Need to Know About Instagram Fans

On 4 December 2012, Bernie Wong, the owner and founder of Social Stand Limited, in partnership with Ming Pao, talked about what marketers need to know about fans and followers on Instagram..

BernieNovember 20, 2020

Social Media Marketing Echo Chambers

Social media platforms make use of algorithms to display content to users. A basic algorithm involves tracking the content that a user is interested in based on his browsing history and what.

BernieSeptember 30, 2020

Take Hold of the Inverse Bullet

The latest craze in the city is the movie, Tenet. People everywhere are comparing notes on how much they understand. They spare no effort dissecting the various mind-boggling scenes. Of course, spoilers.

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